What is Fairtrade

Fairtrade is a way of shopping and doing business differently.

How Fairtrade works

We all buy and sell goods like coffee, sugar and fresh produce every day. Whether you’re a shopper choosing your favorite bar of chocolate, a coffee roaster selecting the perfect beans or a fruit trader sourcing bananas – we all participate in global supply chains that ultimately start with a farm.

Fairtrade is a way that helps you know that those farmers got a fair deal in growing their goods. It is an independent sustainability certification that ultimately manifests as a fair trade logo on the packaging of your favorite foods, clothing, jewelry and even soccer balls.

Businesses work with Fairtrade America to make sure that their supply chains are helping, not harming, farmers. We connect them to other companies and farms that are already certified and have met the rigorous Fairtrade standards. Or, we work with them to get the farms they’re already working with certified by addressing the economic, social and environmental needs of producers. If a business meets all our criteria, they may use the Fairtrade Mark on their products to let shoppers know that they are ethically sourcing from Fairtrade farms.

The benefits of Fairtrade go beyond just extra income for farmers – they also address issues like Gender Equality and Climate Change. The Standards ban Child Labor and protect Workers’ Rights. Read our case studies about how Fairtrade impacts the lives of people in farming communities around the world.

Support Fairtrade

You can get involved by choosing Fairtrade products the next time you’re out shopping. Spread the word by following us on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube). Get the latest updates by signing up to our e-newsletter. Go further by becoming an Ambassador and championing our cause. Got a question? Check out our FAQs or shoot us an email.