Bananas and Avocados

Put Fairtrade fresh produce in your fruit bowl and support farmers and workers to invest in a better future.

Have you ever wondered why tropical fruits like bananas cost less than local fruits like apples?

Bananas and other tropical fruits travel thousands of miles to arrive in our grocery stores and yet sometimes cost as little as $0.49/pound. Why is this? A lot of it has to do with banana farmers not getting paid a fair price for their fruit. Not only are farmers often not paid fairly, but workers are many times exposed to toxic pesticides and chemicals that are sprayed on the fruit.

When you buy Fairtrade bananas, it means producers are paid at least the Fairtrade Minimum Price (if not more) and earn the extra Fairtrade Premium, which they can invest in their communities and in improving living and working conditions. Certain toxic chemicals are banned by Fairtrade standards and working conditions are monitored.

So whether you use Fairtrade bananas in your products (like ice cream or smoothies) or you’re a shopper looking to give yourself a banana boost, thank you for continuing to support farmers and workers!

We're proud to work with these companies who bring fresh bananas, avocados and flowers to your local grocery store every day:

Fairtrade Banana's Journey