Bananas are great for children and adults and a healthy treat. That’s why Coliman offers fresh, delicious, Fairtrade certified bananas. 

coliman logoColiman is well-known for their fresh, delicious and nutritious produce. If you’re in the market for sweet, tasty bananas, look no further than their Fairtrade certified offerings.

Coliman bananas are farmed with care from Colima, Chiapas, and Tabasco in Mexico. After being manually cut, they are protected from extreme cold and transported to their packaging facilities fresh and delicious so they can arrive on store shelves ready for you.

Coliman’s operations department has developed a detailed work process that ensures the highest quality in their produce, as well as optimal working conditions for employees.

Coliman: a proudly Mexican brand with an international presence. Taste why Coliman continues to be a leading distributor of produce to the United States today.

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