La Morena

La Morena Avocados' mission is not just to deliver the world's most delicious avocados to their customers, but to do so while promoting the bettering of trade conditions and the rights of marginalized producers and workers.  

At La Morena, we LOVE avocados and it shows. A family owned and operated company means: integrity, support, and commitment to excellence in delivering the world’s most delicious avocados. 

We work hard everyday to distribute only the freshest products. Our fruits are all carefully selected and harvested at the peak of maturity guaranteeing that we fulfill our promise of bringing you the best avocados. We adopted the Fairtrade model based on dialogue, transparency and respect, to support our growers in securing and sustaining better livelihoods for themselves and their families.

Our vision is to connect the people who purchase avocados to the people who produce them creating a better, more delicious future for everyone.

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