Naturipe is a farmer-owned producer of fresh berries grown by family farmers who define themselves less by commercial success and more by their close harmony with nature. Look for their Fairtrade certified blueberries.

“Cultivate with Care” is Naturipe’s commitment to operating in a way that minimizes environmental impact and simultaneously supporting local and global communities. Sustainability is a priority in every aspect of the company and farming operations.

Naturipe growing partners and family farmers understand the role that sustainability must play in guiding their actions on important issues such as environmental protection, resource conservation, ethical business practices, and the health and safety of their employees and community. At Naturipe, sustainability is part of every business activity and decision.

Their international growers acknowledge the importance of their workers and sustainability by becoming Fairtrade certified. Consumers can rest assured that when they purchase Fairtrade certified blueberries, they are empowering the workers and the communities in which they live.

Can't find Fairtrade certified blueberries in your local store? Ask the produce manager to stock them! Fairtrade blueberries only cost a few cents more than conventional, but have massive benefits to berry farmers and workers.

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