GLO Organics

Green Living Organics, glo, believes in the simple concept, “do well by doing good”. Glo’s bed, bath, and baby products have been made in ways that are socially and environmentally responsible.

glo logoGlo, has a long-term commitment to sustainable farming. Their organic cotton is grown and hand-picked by over 6,500 family farmers in five states in India. Most of these farms practice bio-dynamic growing methods, which contribute to soil fertility and higher yields with the input of only natural fertilizers.

Whenever possible, glo offers products that are made from Fairtrade Certified organic cotton and produced using socially responsible manufacturing practices. Whether it be bedding, bath products, or baby products, there is a Fairtrade glo product for you.

The FAIRTRADE Mark on glo goods is your independent guarantee that the cotton in the product meets international Fairtrade Standards. Purchase of any of glo’s Fairtrade products enables the improvement of working and living conditions of cotton producers in supplier countries and encourages environmental protection.

Try out one of glo’s organic, Fairtrade cotton products and feel the difference!

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