Be My Rose

Be My Rose grows their award-winning, Fairtrade certified flowers in Ecuador’s rich volcanic soil and delivers them directly to your front door as quick and fresh as possible with no middleman. 

bemyrose logoSince the beginning, sustainable, eco-friendly practices have been a fundamental part of Be My Rose’s mission and define them as a flower farm made up of people who are committed to establishing a sense of fairness. Emphasis has always been put on responsible environmental practicesusing filtered wastewater to irrigate their flowers and implementing compost and recycling programs that use every inch of their farmland to give back to the environment and aid the healthy growth of the biggest, brightest, flower blooms.

Be My Rose incorporates organic technology, avoids harmful pesticide use, and implements bio fertilizers and organic soil conditioners to help produce healthy flower blooms. Their farms are certified by Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and FlorEcuador to reassure consumers of the company’s pesticide-free, sustainable, and eco-friendly practices. Be My Rose’s mission goes beyond a bouquet of flowers. They are not just people who sell flowers, they are farmers and artists who care about connecting with people, transformation, self-incentive, sustainability, and empowerment.

BeMyRose strives to support and invest in their workers and in local communities. As a Fairtrade certified operation, BeMyRose works to transmit self-direction, motivation, inspiration, and sustainability empowering women and their families through employment and education opportunities. Creating magical moments, planting seeds of happiness, and helping our workers find true value is what BeMyRose is all about. This ethosreflects about the value the company puts on people, relationships, fairness, and transforming people’s lives.

As part of Fairtrade, 10 percent of every BeMyRose flower sold goes back to farm workers as a Fairtrade Premium   allowing them to improve and enhance the quality of their lives, provide for their families, and invest in their communities according to their priorities.

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