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With standards for over 300 raw products, the range of Fairtrade products on offer is wide, from rice, vanilla, herbs and spices to gum, soccer balls and cereal.

People drinking wineWhether you’re one of the many companies that use Fairtrade or a shopper putting Fairtrade certified products on your grocery list, you have one thing in common — by choosing Fairtrade, you're choosing products that change lives.

Buying products with the FAIRTRADE Mark means supporting farmers and workers to build a more stable future, improve their lives and invest in their communities.

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Where to Find other Fairtrade Products

ben and jerrys logo

Ben and Jerry's

Ben & Jerry’s asks a lot from its ice cream. It has to do more than just taste great—it has to do good.

edward and sons logo

Edward and Sons' More than Fair Artichokes

When you buy Fairtrade certified artichoke hearts from Edward & Sons, you return value, respect, and appreciation to the people who make our enjoyment of these foods possible.

Fair Logo


FAIR. is an independent spirits brand, dedicated to high quality products that are sourced ethically and sustainably.  

Field Day Logo

Field Day

Field Day's wide variety of products are full of flavor and contain organic and Non-GMO ingredients for you and your family and their fruit spreads are Fairtrade! Make meal time convenient, delicious and nutritious with Field Day

jamnation logo


Made by hand in small batches, Jamnation jams support local and global sustainability by finding the best local varietal of fruits and showcasing them with exotic flavors to create bold and bright pairings.

natures path logo

Natures Path

“Leave the earth better than you found it” is Nature’s Path’s mantra. That’s why they source their products locally or from Fairtrade farmers.

nielsen massey logo


Throughout Nielsen-Massey’s more than 100-year history as a family business, they have prioritized providing top-quality vanilla products while treating their customers, suppliers and workers with equal respect.

NuTerra Logo

Nuterra Granola

NuTerra Granola is delicious and good for you, also a source of wellness for the small-scale farmers that they partner with, who put all of their know-how into growing top quality ingredients.

Royal Harvest

Non-GMO certified maraschino cherries, made with all natural ingredients and certified Fairtrade sugar.

trader joe's logo

Trader Joes

Trader Joe’s stocks a selection of Fairtrade products, including sugar, honey, Sumatra Blend coffee, chocolate and cocoa powder.

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Every choice you make is your chance to make a difference for small-scale farmers and workers around the world.