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Tea is the world’s most popular drink after water. According to the Tea Association of the USA, Inc., Americans consumed more than 3.6 billion gallons in 2014. However, many of the producers whose livelihoods depend on tea are not reaping enough of the benefits.

You can change this - buying Fairtrade tea supports tea-growing communities to invest in a better future.

In 2012-13, small-scale farmers and workers on Fairtrade certified estates earned over $4.5 million in Fairtrade Premium. This money was invested in projects that included business improvements, health care, education and housing.

Standards for Fairtrade tea estates aim to improve working and living conditions for workers as well as support their health and safety, prohibit forced and child labor and secure decent wages.

So whether you’re drinking a refreshing iced tea on a hot day or sipping a calming cup before bed, choose Fairtrade tea and help the farmers and workers who pick the leaves get a fair deal.

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Where to Find Fairtrade Tea

Clipper teas logo

Clipper Teas

Village Tea Company

Village Tea Company

Village Tea Company is a small and proud African American owned tea company dedicated to providing exceptional tasting teas at a great value.  They work tirelessly researching tea, the benefits of tea, and working to democratize this experience so that all can truly enjoy it.  

english tea shop logo

English Tea Shop

hampstead tea

Hampstead Tea

organic india logo

Organic India

Organic India works with thousands of small family farmers in India cultivating quality teas, herbs, and supplements on sustainable organic farmland. 

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Every choice you make is your chance to make a difference for small-scale farmers and workers around the world.