Thanksgiving Coffee

Not just a cup, but a just cup. Thanksgiving Coffee in an artisan coffee roaster committed to sustainability and social justice.

thanksgiving coffee logoCoffee connects us with people and places around the world. And it has a profound impact on the communities that grow and process it. Thanksgiving Coffee is dedicated to ethical trading and sustainable farming in its work around the world.

Thanksgiving Coffee purchases exclusively from small-scale farmer cooperatives, which in many coffee-growing countries are the building blocks of emerging democracies. For Thanksgiving and the farmers they work with, quality of life and quality of coffee go hand in hand. Quality of life translates into great coffee flavor.

Fairtrade certification formalizes the relationship-based trading model that Thanksgiving Coffee has pioneered since the mid-1980s. All of their Fairtrade coffees are sourced from family farmers who are close partners, working with them and their cooperatives year after year.

For Thanksgiving, the best coffee comes from farmers who take pride in their craft and providing for their families and communities. Paying a fair wage for high quality coffees is just one of the ways Thanksgiving Coffee establishes transparent relationships based on trust and mutual respect and allows coffee drinkers and coffee farmers to connect with every cup.

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