Join the Fair Trade Bake Sale

This October, host a Fair Trade Bake Sale with thousands of your closest friends around the country

Celebrate Fair Trade Month by baking goodies with ingredients grown Fairtrade farmers. Treat your colleagues, friends or customers to fair trade baked goods that raise some dough for a cause that you care about - such as World Wildlife Fund or UNICEF End Trafficking.

See what others are baking by viewing our map.

Donate what you raise to the organization of your choosing, whether it's an organization supporting fair trade farmers, your local community, or a cause you feel special about.

Go to the Fair Trade Bake Sale site now

What is Fair Trade Month?

Fair Trade Month is a national celebration of fair trade as a contributor to the global fight against poverty, climate change and economic crises. It’s an opportunity to learn more and share why fair trade exists – to improve the lives of farmers and workers and do business better.

During Fair Trade Month, Fairtrade America will hold a number of events, contests and more to promote fair trade ideals. We work with community groups, NGOs, local cooperatives, congregations and students, acknowledging the power in each of us to make lasting change for a fairer global economic system.

7 Ways You Can Celebrate Fair Trade Month:

  1. Download - Get our Fair Trade Bake Sale Kit to share graphics, make posters and more
  2. The Power of you! – Host a bake sale event! Get your friends, classmates, or co-workers involved! Bake anything from a Fairtrade cookies to cupcakes. Check out recipes on our interactive site - or better yet, email us your recipe!
  3. The Power of your business – Run a special promotion on your website during October offering a deal on Fairtrade products with the code “BAKEFAIR”. Fair Trade Month is a great time for retailers & businesses to share your distinct Fairtrade story with customers. Here are some pointers to communicate your commitment to ethical sourcing.
  4. Enter our prize competition - Lots of your favorite Fairtrade products are up for grabs in our Fair Trade Month Contests.
  5. Look for the FAIRTRADE Mark - Find out if your favorite brand has Fairtrade Certified products. If not, ask them to go Fairtrade!
  6. Join the conversation - Use the hashtag #FairTradeBakeSale on Twitter and Instagram.
  7. Heads up for Halloween - Watch how Fairtrade in the Cote d'Ivoire has impacted the lives of cocoa farmers and then look for Fairtrade treats like gum, chocolates and cookies.