31 October, 2014

Thank you for Celebrating Fair Trade Month

by mlinnellsimmons

Thank you for celebrating Fair Trade Month with us. We’d like to finish the Month by reflecting on the meaning of “The Power of You”.

power of  youRose Mensah knows about Power. She is a cocoa farmer from the Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union in Ghana, who thinks the Fairtrade system benefits her family and community immensely.

Rose is a mother, wife and a teacher as well as a farmer. The Fairtrade Premium has provided her and other farmers in Kuapa with training in sustainable farm management. This has increased Rose’s yield and, in turn, her income, five-fold. And in turn, Rose is able to pay for her children’s education and ensure the prosperity of her family.

The Power of You is about not only empowering farmers like Rose to take charge of and change their own futures, but also empowering the average person to know that change is possible - but it requires that extra bit of thought, that extra bit of consideration to get there.

With events like Fair Trade Month, we are reminded about the power of thinking and acting together for a common goal - in this case making trade fair and not exploiting the people who grow our food.

The way we spend our money does not define us, but it can empower us.

Thank you for choosing Fairtrade. Thank you for changing lives. Thank you for sharing your power.

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