30 September, 2015

Celebrate Fair Trade Month This October

The People of Fairtrade - Fairtrade Month
by Mary Linnell-Simmons

Fair Trade Month kicks off officially tomorrow and Fairtrade America looks forward to celebrating The People of Fairtrade this year.

Who are The People of Fairtrade?

They are the farmers and workers who grow your food

They are the miners who dig for your precious metals

They are the companies who choose to use and create Fairtrade certified products

They are the shoppers who comb the aisles every week for Fairtrade goods

They are the policy makers and activists who advocate for the rights of people who have been let down by trade inequalities

They are you

How will you celebrate Fair Trade Month? You could…

  1. Request Fair Trade Month resources for your organization or event
  2. Enter our prize competitions! Lots of your favorite Fairtrade products to be won.
  3. Join the conversation - use the official hashtag, #FairTradeMonth

We have 9 more ways to get you started on our Fair Trade Month page. Reply in the comments to add your own!

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