26 March, 2018

Your Easter Chocolate Capable of More than Smiles

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by Kyle Freund, Media Manager, Fairtrade America

This Easter, choose Fairtrade treats to make life better for small-scale cocoa farmers around the world

emvi chocolate bunnyAn Easter basket chocked with chocolate is a sure sign that Spring is just around the corner. But that humble chocolate bunny can also serve as a sign of hope for thousands of struggling cocoa farmers. Buying Fairtrade chocolate can make life better for the families who rely on cocoa for their livelihoods.

Nearly 90 percent of the world’s cocoa is produced by 2.5 million small-scale cacao farmers; the majority of that is produced by farmers in West Africa where average income is less than $2 per day. Though more than $2.6 billion was spent on candy during Easter in 2016, most small-scale farmers supplying chocolate’s key ingredient continue to live in extreme poverty. (Find more facts about chocolate here.)

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This Easter holiday, take time to consider what’s behind the chocolate you buy and look for more ethical options. A fair trade label on a chocolate bunny (or any chocolate candy for that matter) means that farmers can negotiate better prices, improve their businesses, and invest in their communities and the local environment. In return, farmers comply with strict production standards, including a prohibition on child labor and GMOs, and environmentally-friendly farming practices.

Fairtrade America MarkThe Fairtrade label is the world’s most trusted and recognized ethical certification. When you see the Fairtrade label, it means that all ingredients that can be certified Fairtrade must come from certified sources. This means that the positive impact of your chocolate bunny can also extend to sugar farmers in Belize or vanilla farmers in Madagascar.

divine chocolate easter eggA few options include:

  • Divine Chocolate – Divine is co-owned by Fairtrade cocoa farmers in Ghana. Their large dark and milk chocolate eggs are perfect for hiding.
  • EMVI Chocolate – A small town confectioner that produces some of the sweetest Fairtrade chocolate bunnies and more.
  • Tony's Chocolonely – Tony’s in-your-face packaging will make you want to devour their Fairtrade chocolate Easter eggs.
  • Fran's Chocolates  - Fran’s premium-quality Fairtrade chocolates are best for discerning Easter nibblers.
  • Lily’s Sweets - Fairtrade and non-GMO stevia-sweetened chocolates are Lily’s specialty.

Find a complete listing of all companies offering Fairtrade chocolate here.

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