1 April, 2019

5 Fairtrade Essentials to Make This Easter Eggs-tra Special

Choose Fairtrade Easter Chocolate
by Naledi Sekgapane, Operations Assistant, Fairtrade America

After a cold Winter, it's finally blossoming into Spring. Easter is nearly upon us, so get your empty baskets out because we've put together a fun selection of Fairtrade Easter treats for you and the special people in your life!

Thinking about how to make this year’s Easter celebrations that much more special? Well, you’ve come to the right place! When you choose Fairtrade products, you’re voting with your dollars and making a lasting impact for small-scale cocoa farmers around the world. The Fairtrade label on these featured products means that farmers receive a Fairtrade Premium, which they invested into their businesses or used to empower their communities. And it doesn’t end there, farmers also comply with strict production standards, including the prohibition on child labor and GMOs. Sound sweet? We think so!

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Okay, let's hop right to it...

Divine Chocolate’s Delectable Range of Easter Eggs

Divine Chocolate Fairtrade Easter Eggs 

Did you know Divine Chocolate is co-owned by Fairtrade cocoa farmers in Ghana? Yup, that’s right. Their wide range of Easter eggs to choose from will egg-ceed all your egg-pectations.

EMVI’s Handcrafted Easter Bunny

EMVI Fairtrade Chocolate Easter Bunny 

This charming chocolate Easter bunny will literally melt your heart out! Sweet, charming and full of personality, this EMVI bunny is made of Fairtrade chocolate and all-natural ingredients. Now how could you possibly resist?

Fran’s Chocolate Colorful Easter Collection

Fran's Chocolate Fairtrade Easter Basket

Welcome spring with these festive and colorful Easter moments from Fran's Chocolate. Their brightly colored foil-wrapped eggs make the perfect treat for those Easter celebrations.

Tony's Chocolonely's Mouthwatering Easter Eggs

Tony's Chocolonely Fairtrade Chocolate Easter Eggs 

Now you can rest assured this one’s everything it’s cracked up to be. Tony’s Easter egg carton is unevenly divided, just like their bars - to illustrate the inequality in the chocolate industry.

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas’ Organic Fairtrade Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract

Nieslen Massey Fairtrade Vanilla 

To complement your delicious carrot cake or those bunny sugar cookies, consider Nielsen-Massey Vanillas’ Organic Fairtrade Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract. With that pure, vanilla flavor, you'll for sure notice it wafting through.

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