24 January, 2019

Ethical Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day 2017
by The helpless romantics at Fairtrade America

As the season of love approaches, many people begin to feel a sense of dread. Here are our tips on how to treat that special someone in your life (and yourself).

Make your Valentine's Day Fairtrade

Why just focus on just romantic love when Valentine’s Day can celebrate the love we experience every day with our friends, our family, a special someone, or ourselves (love yo'self! You’re great).

Show someone you care through a meaningful gift such as a donation to a local or global nonprofit, a gift that sends a percentage of the cost to a good cause, or a thoughtfully chosen Fairtrade product with a handmade card. With a Fairtrade gift, you and the recipient are not just showing love for one another, but also for the environment, and the farmers and workers the world over working to harvest the goods that ultimately end up on store shelves.

Share our list of top Valentine’s Day gifts for the loved ones in your life. Feel free to mix and match as you see fit and #SayItWithFairtrade.

1) For your great romance

Whether you’ve been together forever, or you’re looking to make it clear that you’d like to be, jewelry can be a powerful symbol. Reflective Jewelry has a wide selection made with Fairtrade gold to help you show someone just how much you love them. And if you’re looking to pop the question on Valentine’s Day (43% of Millennials have Valentine's Day as their top pick for a proposal), check out their line of Fairtrade gold engagement rings.

2) For the person you just started dating

Following on the heels of the holidays and smack in the middle of cuffing season, Valentine’s Day can fall at an awkward time of the year. The way you approach it can make or break your springtime relationship status. In order to rock that cool, devil may care attitude, give a gift that is an elevated version of how you’d normally spend a night together. Enter: Fairtrade wine. With selections from Chile, Argentina, and South Africa, you will have no problem finding the perfect bottle (or two) to curl up on the couch with for a romantic night in. Step it up a notch with pairing recommendations from experts at Divine Chocolate and Stonedance Wine who have found the best Fairtrade flavor combinations.

3) For your BFFs

Sometimes the best way to spend Valentine’s Day is with your squad. Pull Taylor Swift: don matching onesies, have a dance party, and treat yourselves to an at-home fair trade spa day. Start with an invigorating DIY coffee face scrub using any of your favorite Fairtrade coffee brands, which you can pick up at shops like Safeway, Kroger, Whole Foods Market, Costco, Sprouts, Earth Fare, and NCG Co+Op stores among others. Then, get your hair looking its best with an avocado and honey hair mask using Fairtrade avocados. Finally, brew yourself a cup of the ultimate cozy tea, Organic India Tulsi, and then use the leftover tea bags as a soothing eye mask.

4) For you

If being on your own is how you prefer to spend your Valentine’s Day, more power to you. No reason to be completely alone though. Why not invite your two favorite friends: Ben & Jerry. With a huge selection of Fairtrade ice cream flavors, you can feel good about yourself while you indulge. Check out their “10 Reasons Why Ben & Jerry’s Thinks it’s Awesome to be Single” while you’re at it.

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