3 July, 2019

Celebrate World Chocolate Day!

Woman Cocoa Beans
by Jason Sanches, Events & Campaigns Manager

Sunday, July 7th is World Chocolate Day. While this sweet treat is loved by many, chocolate has a not-so-sweet side that people often forget. Take a crash course in cocoa this World Chocolate Day and join us in educating friends and family about the origin of chocolate and the people behind our favorite treat.

A Crash Course in Cocoa

Lesson 1: World Chocolate Day & Cocoa 101

Fairtrade America’s Executive Director, Hans Theyer penned an op-ed in the Washington Post marking World Chocolate Day where he expertly unpacks the underlying issues in the cocoa industry.

Lesson 2: Child Labor - One Hundred Years On

Recently, the Washington Post laid bare the reality that child labor is part of the cocoa industry in the Ivory Coast through striking photos and heartbreaking reporting. For 100 years, the International Labor Organization has been working to protect children from labor exploitation. Learn more about what has changed and how Fairtrade is working to end child labor with a rights-based approach.

Lesson 3: Hear Directly from Cocoa Farmers

Watch these short interviews with Rosine and Ebrottie to learn more about the challenges and opportunities that cocoa farming brings to them and their communities in the Ivory Coast.

Commit to Purchasing Fairtrade Chocolate

Buy Fairtrade chocolate. Life is tough for cocoa farmers. When you choose Fairtrade chocolate, you’re helping make cocoa farming more sustainable and ethical.

Not Choco'd Out? Enter to win $50 of Fairtrade Chocolate!

After learning all about chocolate, we know you want to sink your teeth into a delicious AND ethically-produced treat. Head over to our Instagram @fairtrademarkus to enter our World Chocolate Day giveaway and hear more from the farmers who grow Fairtrade cocoa.

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