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  • Manuel Guarchaj, President of the Nahuala. coop pours a liquor from the compost heap onto a coffee plant. Fairtrade promotes ecologically sound methods to compost byproducts of the coffee industry.

    A worms-eye view of climate change

    10 December 2015 by Marike de Peña, Chair, Fairtrade International

    This piece first appeared in Spanish on Planeta Futuro/El País on December 9, 2015 and is reproduced with their kind permission.

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  • Fairtrade Climate Heroes

    Fairtrade Climate Heroes Take Action

    2 December 2015 by Kyle Freund

    Unpredictable weather patterns, extreme temperatures, increased problems with pests. While some pretend that climate change isn't happening, Fairtrade farmers around the world are facing undeniable impacts. But they aren't waiting for world leaders at the COP21 meetings in Paris, many of them are taking action now.

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  • Release: Fairtrade Inspiring Action against Climate Change

    1 December 2015 by Fairtrade America Media Team

    This week, the Fairtrade International team is at COP21 in Paris, advocating on behalf of small-scale farmers who are affected by Climate Change.

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