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    What is Fairness: Let’s make Fair Trade the norm, not the outlier

    28 October 2016 by Josh Wise, Development and Communications Director, IATP

    Throughout October’s Fair Trade Month, we have featured Fairness Champions, people from all walks of life with a unique perspective on what’s ‘fair’. Josh Wise is Development and Communications Director at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, an organization celebrating 30 years of using policy and practice to ensure fair and sustainable food, farm and trade systems.

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  • Infinite Earth Radio

    How Fair Trade Affects Americans

    19 May 2016 by Mary Linnell-Simmons, Marketing & Communications Manager

    Fairtrade America interviews with Infinite Earth Radio about fair trade, free trade and how trade deals benefit or hurt Americans.

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    "Free" Can Be Good, But Fair Is Better

    6 January 2016 by Rodney North

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a multilateral free trade treaty that promises to change the way that trade is done for the 12 countries involved. But its impacts will extend much further affecting people in developing countries who had no involvement in its development.

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