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  • Man with hand of Fairtrade bananas

    Taking Time Out to Reflect on a Sustainable Future

    14 October 2015 by Marike de Peña

    Almost all of the Sustainable Development Goals' 169 action points are somehow related to food and farming - so the SDGs can only be delivered if smallholder farmers and workers play a central role in planning and implementation. Photo: Santos More of ACPROBOQUEA cooperative in Peru, ©Fairtrade Germany

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  • Don't Even Think About Parking Here

    Don’t even THINK of parking here!

    28 September 2015 by Tim Aldred

    Over the past few days, a Fairtrade team has been at the United Nations in New York, attending discussions on the adoption of the new global goals framework, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Tim Aldred, Fairtrade Foundation UK’s Head of Policy & Research, gives us the low down...

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  • Fairtrade Marike de Pena's SDG blog

    Big Deal in the Big Apple

    25 September 2015 by Marike de Pena

    Marike de Peña, Chair of Fairtrade International, writes for PlanetaFuturo/ElPaís about the SDG ratification happening at the UN this week in New York City.

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