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  • FAIR. Founder connecting with quinoa producers in Bolivia.

    Three Questions for Three Brands this World Fair Trade Day

    9 May 2019 by Alli O'Connell, Marketing & Accounts Manager

    World Fair Trade Day highlights the dynamic fair trade system that connects people around the world from farms to factories to retail stores all the way to our homes. Sourcing Fairtrade items is not always easy and requires brands to look hard at their supply chain and choose to make the ethical decision for the people and for the planet.

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  • Fairtrade Bananas from Peru

    #Stand4Fairness: Go Beyond the Seal with Equal Exchange

    10 May 2018 by Jason from the World Fair Trade Challenge Team

    World Fairtrade Day is in just a few days, and over the past month we’ve been highlighting a selection of superb brands that have gone above and beyond Fairtrade certification to support a variety of socially and environmentally-conscious initiatives. One of our favorite partners is Equal Exchange, a top banana importer that’s revolutionizing an industry dominated by plantations and large-scale producers.

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  • #Stand4Fairness this World Fair Trade Day

    4 Ways to #Stand4Fairness

    6 April 2018 by the World Fair Trade Challenge International Team

    It’s time again for the world’s biggest Fairtrade celebration!

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  • CFT Potluck

    Picnic Pizza? Celebrate Fairtrade Any Way You Want!

    9 May 2017 by Kathleen McCoy, Events and Communications Assistant Manager

    Deep in the heart of the Windy City, more than 30 ethical business and community members held the largest Fair Trade celebration in the USA! How will you celebrate World Fair Trade Day?

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  • Three men enjoying a Fairtrade Coffee Break

    3 World Fairtrade Challenge Events

    10 May 2016 by Mary Linnell-Simmons, Marketing & Communications Manager

    World Fair Trade Day is this Saturday and people from coast to coast will be celebrating everything Fair Trade.

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  • Volunteer serving Fairtrade coffee

    Taking your Fairtrade event from good to great

    25 April 2016 by Fair Trade Campaigns

    Are you planning to participate in the World Fairtrade Challenge this May? If you’re looking to host a coffee break or other related event check out these ideas and tips from Fair Trade Campaigns, a national organization mobilizing fair trade consumers and advocates across the US.

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