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  • Alberta-Guarchaj-Cooperativa-Nahuala-Guatemala-Coffee

    A World of Cooperatives

    13 December 2018 by Hans Theyer, Executive Director

    There’s an indelible connection between grocery co-ops and independent retailers in the United States and the small-scale farmers around the world who have banded together to improve lives in their communities through Fairtrade. 

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  • divine chocolate cookies

    Fall into a Fair Trade Baking Adventure

    20 October 2017 by Kyle Freund, Digital Content Manager, Fairtrade America

    With the mid-point of Fair Trade Month past, we thought you could use some divine inspiration for your Autumnal baking adventures. Check out this recipe for Double Chocolate Cranberry Cookies from Divine Chocolate!

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  • Coffee farmers of FECCEG

    Fairtrade farmers take coffee quality to new heights in Guatemala

    15 July 2016 by Kyle Freund, Digital Content Manager

    Fairtrade coffee farmers in Guatemala recently saw their coffee rank among the best in a crowded field of competitors in the Guatemala 2016 Cup of Excellence Competition. 

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  • Harvesting Wine Grapes in Argentina

    Inspiration in the Andes

    24 May 2016 by Walter Carol, Export Director, La Riojana Wines

    For the smallscale farmers of Riojana growing grapes in the shadow of the Andes, Fairtrade is much more than a better price and Premium, it’s a way of life. Export Director Walter Carol of La Riojana Cooperative of wine grape growers discusses how Fairtrade has changed the perspectives of these small-scale farmers and their communities. Fairtrade certified wines from La Riojana recently arrived on store shelves in the US.

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  • coagricsol-coffee-honduras-sean-hawkey

    Making the Cooperative Connection

    12 January 2016 by Kyle Freund

    Many farmers in the US, like most Fairtrade farmers, understand the importance of organizing and working together to improve their businesses and find markets. Building successful cooperatives is key.

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  • Students at school with their professor in Guatemala take a break from their studies.

    Bringing the School to the Mountains

    19 October 2015 by Kyle Freund

    Interest in farming is in steep decline among young people in many of the communities where Fairtrade works. A program in Guatemala provides young girls and boys with the opportunity to continue their studies.

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  • Teresa Periera of hte Manduvira Coop in Paraguay

    Celebrating Day of the Girl Child

    11 October 2015 by Kyle Freund

    The International Day of the Girl Child is an opportunity to celebrate gender equality and the efforts to ensure equal opportunities for all young people. The theme for 2015 is “The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030.”

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  • Fairtrade coffee farmers from KBQB

    Fairtrade Premium Provides a Safety Net for Cooperative Coffee Farmers

    9 September 2015 by mlinnellsimmons

    By becoming part of a cooperative, coffee farmers get additional benefits.

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