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Fairtrade America represents the world's most trusted and recognized ethical certification. Please contact Fairtrade America with any and all media inquiries.

We can assist with press releases, commenting on breaking news, setting up interviews, multi-media requests, editorial opportunities and B-roll footage.

Press office

Media Manager: Kyle Freund

Phone: 202-391-0525


Our spokespeople

Hans Theyer, Executive Director

Born and raised in Chile, Hans worked in the financial sector before receiving a British Council scholarship that allowed him to pursue an MBA in the London Business School. After returning to Chile, Hans worked at a startup before joining Microsoft for 7 years, both in Chile and their headquarters in Seattle, WA.

In 2009, after working extensively in rural settings in India and other countries of South East Asia, Hans moved to a development non-profit, Agros International. Using his experience at Agros as a platform, he set up a consulting firm (Washington state’s first B Corp) that assisted companies to weave social impact into their business strategy.

Hans joined Fairtrade America in June 2013 as the organization’s first employee, defining himself as a “sales guy” for farmers and their families. He has been instrumental to establishing the Fairtrade International values in the United States and cares passionately about rural and generational poverty and finding a way out for farmers.

Tony Hall, Chair of the Board of Directors

Hall is a consultant with expertise in business development, marketing channels and global business with extensive experience in Asia and Europe. He has spent many years promoting fair trade and supporting Fair Trade Organizations, helping them improve their strategic and marketing skills as well as finding new outlets for their products in Europe and the United States.