The latest news and press releases from Fairtrade America.

  • be my rose flowers
    27 Jan 2017

    Fairtrade Flowers from Ecuador Direct to Your Door

    This Valentine’s Day, love unconventionally with Be My Rose's Fairtrade flowers.

  • Real Food Challenge Graphic Standards
    05 Jan 2017

    Fairtrade Listed Among Food Labels Fighting Injustice

    Real Food Challenge, the largest student food justice organization in the country, recently released the Real Food Standards 2.0, the most comprehensive and up-to-date compilation of credible food labels and certifications on the market. Fairtrade America, the US branch of the international Fairtrade system, was given a green light in the standard meaning that products carrying the FAIRTRADE Mark exemplify ‘Real Food’.

  • dario soto abril
    23 Nov 2016

    Fairtrade International Welcomes New CEO

    Fairtrade International has announced the appointment of Darío Soto Abril as its next Chief Executive Officer. Darío is currently COO, Deputy Director and Legal Counsel at The Trust for the Americas, the non-profit affiliate of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington DC. He will take up his new role in Bonn, Germany, in February 2017.

  • conscious step
    30 Sep 2016

    Ethical Sockmaker increases their impact; extends their purpose

    Lifestyle brand Conscious Step adds Fairtrade Certification

  • funtrajusto-colombia
    22 Jun 2016

    Fairtrade America Teams up with Producer Networks to Launch Resource Development Strategy

    More than 1.65 million Fairtrade certified farmers and workers benefit from sales of Fairtrade labeled products. Beyond sales on Fairtrade terms, the international Fairtrade system supports farmers and workers as they work to create the future they want to see. A new effort by Fairtrade America will help them go even further.

  • A school at Thiok√©thian, co-funded through the Fairtrade Premium
    07 Mar 2016

    Fairtrade applauds the US move to close Legal Loophole in the Tariff Act

    For 86 years, the United States was forced to allow goods produced by the worst forms of child labor and forced labor to enter our country due to a loophole. Last week, President Obama signed the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act into law forever closing this loophole in the Tariff Act of 1930, a move that has major implications for businesses, human rights organizations and product certification systems around the globe.

  • Fairtrade tea farmer gathering leaves
    04 Mar 2016

    Record Premium makes big difference for farmers and workers

    The extra money paid to certified farmers and workers for each sale on Fairtrade terms has risen above the $115 million mark for the first time, according to new figures released today. Fairtrade producers invested this Premium according to their priorities.

  • Fairtrade farmers planting trees
    01 Dec 2015

    Fairtrade Inspiring Action against Climate Change

    This week, the Fairtrade International team is at COP21 in Paris, advocating on behalf of small-scale farmers who are affected by Climate Change.

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