Fairtrade Premium

When you buy Fairtrade products, you may hear a bit about the Fairtrade Premium. It’s an extra sum of money that farmer and worker organizations receive to invest in projects of their choice.

Farmers may vote to spend the Premium on improving their businesses or the environment, while workers might invest in better housing. Producers may decide to spend the Premium on education for their children, healthcare or building infrastructure such as roads and bridges for their communities. The important thing to know is that the decision is made democratically by the producers, to meet the priorities they set.

ECOOKIM farmers in Cote d’Ivoire

ECOOKIM (Enterprise Cooperative Kimbe) was created in 2004 by a number of Fairtrade certified cooperatives in the Ivory Coast to achieve more bargaining power for cocoa farmers.

Fairtrade has made a big difference to us. With the income from our first Premiums, for example, we were able to build two schools.

— Aboubakari Aidara Lamine, ECOOKIM

Watch the video below to learn about how ECOOKIM and other West Africa cocoa farming organizations have used the Fairtrade Premium to increase cocoa quality and yields, to support women in their cooperatives and communities, to improve their environment and to educate their children.

“…harvests used to be only 200kg per hectare [175lb per acre]. With our training in place the same small-scale farmers recently yielded up to a metric ton per hectare [880lb per acre].” – Aminata Bamba, Sustainability Officer of ECOOKIM