Fairtrade cotton allows you to take pride in your ethics, as well as your appearance.

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Cotton prices have dramatically dropped over the last 30 years, despite the fact that farming production costs have risen. Farmers in West Africa, Kyrgyzstan and India are desperately trying to earn enough money to survive.

When you buy clothes from companies that use Fairtrade cotton, you are ensuring that typically low paid cotton farmers are receiving a fair and stable price for their crops.

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Where to Find Fairtrade Cotton Products

conscious step logo

Conscious Step

Conscious Step Socks are an ordinary purchase with extraordinary purpose. Every purchase of Fairtrade organic socks funds organizations making the world a better place.

Dhana Logo

Dhana Inc

Dhana is an ethical fashion brand committed to using clothing as a tool to connect people and planet. 

Gallant Logo

Gallant International

Gallant International is a trend-forward supplier of Fair Trade and 100% GOTS certified organic cotton bags and accessories with a core underlying mission of improving the lives of farmers and factory workers on a global scale.

glo logo

GLO Organics

Green Living Organics, glo, believes in the simple concept, “do well by doing good”. Glo’s bed, bath, and baby products have been made in ways that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Nudie Jeans Co Logo

Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans create high quality, social responsible, 100% organic cotton denim jeans made in a fair way. They strive for sustainable consumption patterns by offering free repair service, reselling second hand products, and recycling worn out products.

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Every choice you make is your chance to make a difference for small-scale farmers and workers around the world.