BloomQuest supplies the highest quality 100 percent Fairtrade flowers grown by experienced farmers, and cared for with the strongest procedures. 

bloomquest logoBloomQuest views its responsibility to workers in Kenya and Ecuador, where it sources its flowers, as one of its most important focuses. There are many areas where BloomQuest has provided its workers a better standard of living and their families the opportunity of free education, housing and medical care.

BloomQuest’s five key rose farms in Kenya are all Fairtrade certified, as well as several farms in Ecuador. BloomQuest was one of the first Fairtrade certified floral suppliers in the United States, and the farms BloomQuest works with were among the first Fairtrade farms in Kenya.

Today’s consumers are ever more conscious of what they buy. They want to know the history behind their purchases. BloomQuest can show a transparent chain of supply, which shows where the flowers have come from, the quality checks that have taken place, and the socially responsible manner in which the flowers have been grown.

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