Tell your Fairtrade story

Bring the origin of your products to life by telling your Fairtrade story.

Fairtrade allows greater visibility in your supply chain, providing you with insights to the people behind your Fairtrade certified products. Share their stories and the positive impact that your work with Fairtrade is having on their lives, and help to foster an emotional connection between the people on either side of the product lifecycle.

  • Connect with Fairtrade's US supporters, including thousands of followers on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. Keep them up to date with your business and its links to Fairtrade.
  • Feature in our newsletter, delivered straight to the inbox of our dedicated and engaged supporters, who are always looking for exciting new Fairtrade certified products to buy. Tell them about your work with us, local or national events and new campaigns or products.
  • Be a part of the sustainability movement, and talk to the media about your work with Fairtrade.
  • Tell your story on our website by highlighting your Fairtrade certified products.

For more ways to tell your Fairtrade story, email our Marketing Manager, Mary Linnell-Simmons.

  • Fairtrade Coffee Tasting

    Business Resources and Events

    We have a number of resources to help drive sales and awareness of your Fairtrade products, enabling customers to see their contribution to global change.

  • Fairtrade Coffee Producers

    Connecting with producers

    Fairtrade creates partnerships between businesses and producers to level the playing field and make trade fairer.