Ways of working with Fairtrade

Fairtrade makes good business sense and has many ways for companies to get involved.

Why Fairtrade is good for business

power of youThrough our rigorous standards and increased supply chain visibility, Fairtrade provides your business with an ethical, trusted and easily communicable way to improve the lives of the farmers and workers you source from. That's the power of you and your company to make a difference and improve the integrity of your supply chains.

The FAIRTRADE Certification Mark is the most recognized ethical label in the world, and the majority of those who recognize it regard it as having positive impact.

More and more, consumers are making the switch to ethically sourced and labeled products. They want to be sure of the legitimacy behind claims, and have transparency into where products are sourced. An easy way to provide this is through trusted, independent, third party certification — Fairtrade.

With the figures showing that consumers are more likely to buy products with an ethical label, and that many consider Fairtrade goods to be of better quality than non-labeled products, can your business afford to not be Fairtrade?

Ways to work with Fairtrade

Companies use Fairtrade in a variety of ways:

  • I want my products to carry the FAIRTRADE mark

    Businesses that own finished products that are sold on to retailers, wholesalers, distributors, caterers, or directly to consumers can become Fairtrade licensees and carry the FAIRTRADE Mark on their products.


    An independent Globescan study in 2015 found that the international FAIRTRADE Mark is the most trusted fair trade ethical certification in the United States, with 6 in 10 consumers trusting it.


    Companies that use Fairtrade receive:


    * Help collecting and updating important supply chain information, to ensure you meet the rigorous Fairtrade Standards.

    * Benefits of being part of the national Fairtrade network, with coordinated promotional materials and events.

    * Regular news updates about Fairtrade, including how to contribute to Fairtrade consultations, impact reports and consumer studies.

    * Retail outreach support.

    * Advice and tools to ensure effective use and promotion of the FAIRTRADE Mark.

    * Engagement on social media and online.


    Start now by completing the licensing checklist and filling out the application form.


    Once your application has been approved, you will be an official Fairtrade America licensee and be able to begin certifying your products.


    Become a Fairtrade licensee

  • I want the ingredients I sell to other businesses to be FAIRTRADE certified

    If you sell ingredients and products only in the United States, you can be registered as a Fairtrade America trader. This will allow customers to use your ingredients or products to make or package their own Fairtrade certified items, ready to be stocked on shelf.


    If your business buys and sells unfinished Fairtrade ingredients or products on the international market, you will need to contact FLOCERT—Fairtrade’s independent certifier—to become a certified international trader.


    Registered Fairtrade traders receive:


    * Help collecting and revising important supply chain information, to ensure you meet the rigorous, ethical Fairtrade Standards.

    * Regular news updates about the Fairtrade system, including how to contribute to Fairtrade consultations, and important statistics such as retail sales.

    * Promotion to companies that use Fairtrade looking for a certified supply chain.


    How does my business register as a trader?

    Visit our trader application page to learn more about the process and requirements, and contact Fairtrade America when you are ready become certified.

  • I want to stock FAIRTRADE products for sale to the public

    We can help you source Fairtrade products for your café, restaurant, retail store, or catering business. We can also support regional or national businesses find the best supply chains.


    Simply contact us for Fairtrade packaged product suppliers and sourcing options. 


    Take a look at our product pages for more information about the different Fairtrade certified products available in the United States.

  • I want to sell final packaged fairtrade products wholesale to other businesses

    Contact us to be listed on our Fairtrade America Purchasing Guide.

  • Fairtrade Rice Producer

    Become a Licensee

    Companies that use Fairtrade have a positive impact on the lives of farmers and workers across the globe and can easily communicate to their customers that they make or sell trusted ethical products.

  • Fairtrade Shopping

    Carry Fairtrade Certified Products

    Your customers want to know where their products come from, how they're grown or produced and by whom.

  • Fairtrade Sugar Producer

    Fairtrade Sourcing Programs

    More opportunities for businesses to source Fairtrade certified cocoa, cotton and sugar under a new program, increasing the benefits to farmers and workers.