Certify Your Products

Use the FAIRTRADE Mark on your products - get certified!

Fairtrade is good for business

power of youThe FAIRTRADE Mark is the most trusted ethical label in the US and across the globe*.

Through our rigorous standards and increased supply chain visibility, Fairtrade provides your business with an ethical, trusted and easily communicable way to improve the lives of the farmers and workers you source from. That's the power of you and your company to make a difference and improve the integrity of your supply chains.

75% of consumers would view a brand they already buy more favorably if it carried the FAIRTRADE Mark*. More and more, consumers are making the switch to ethically sourced and labeled products. They want to be sure of the legitimacy behind claims, and have transparency into where products are sourced. An easy way to provide this is through trusted, independent, third party certification — Fairtrade.

With retailers increasingly stocking their shelves with certified products, can your business afford to not be Fairtrade?

*according to a 2015 study from Globescan

Ways to Get Fairtrade certified

Choose the certification method that's right for you:

  • Fairtrade Rice Producer

    Become a Licensee

    Companies that use Fairtrade have a positive impact on the lives of farmers and workers across the globe and can easily communicate to their customers that they make or sell trusted ethical products.

  • Fairtrade Sugar Producer

    Fairtrade Sourcing Programs

    More opportunities for businesses to source Fairtrade certified cocoa, cotton and sugar under a new program, increasing the benefits to farmers and workers.