Product Composition

What amount of a Fairtrade product needs to be made of Fairtrade ingredients to be certified?

Single ingredient products

Products like coffee or bananas that are composed of a single Fairtrade ingredient must be 100% Fairtrade.

Composite products

For Fairtrade products such as chocolate and ice cream, which include both Fairtrade certified and non-Fairtrade ingredients, rules are in place to assure consumers that a certain amount of Fairtrade ingredients are present. Recipes must be submitted to Fairtrade America, detailing the percentage of the Fairtrade ingredients in the final product.

Key requirements for food products

  • All ingredients that can be Fairtrade certified must be Fairtrade certified
  • Composite products must have a minimum of 20% Fairtrade ingredients
  • If a product has added water or dairy ingredients that accounts for 50% of the overall recipe, then the liquid ingredients are not  included in the percentage calculation.  A disclaimer is written on the package for consumer clarity that the liquid ingredients have been excluded in the calculation.

We can help with specific inquiries to evaluate whether your products would qualify for product certification. For example, if you are facing challenges in sourcing a specific Fairtrade ingredient, it may be possible for us to grant an exemption according to our Exception Guidelines outlined in Section 2.2 of the Trader Standards. For questions and more detailed requirements for Fairtrade composite products, such as cosmetics, cotton, gold and flowers, please email us at