Standards and Policies

To be part of the Fairtrade system, all operators (traders, licensees, and subcontractors) must meet and comply with Fairtrade standards and policies.


Fairtrade is a global movement for change, represented in the United States by Fairtrade America. Fairtrade operators follow a designated set of standards to address imbalances of power in global trade. Standards are set by Fairtrade International and include product-specific standards, as well as standards for supply chain operators. Learn more - visit the Standards pages of the Fairtrade International website.

Policies and Procedures

Operator Reporting Policy (PDF 60 KB)

Cosmetics (PDF 31 KB)

Cotton (PDF 84 KB)

Child Labor and Forced Labor Guidelines (PDF 54KB)

Complaints, Allegations and Appeals

If you are aware of any violation of Fairtrade America’s policies and procedures or if you wish to lodge a complaint or appeal regarding a licensing decision, please email with a full explanation of the complaint or appeal.

Allegations regarding Fairtrade America operators (for example, brands that carry the FAIRTRADE Mark on their products) should also be made directly to the Fairtrade America Licensing Department. Our Complaints, Allegations and Appeals Operating Procedure can be found here (PDF 86 KB).