Carry Fairtrade Certified Products

Your customers want to know where their products come from, how they're grown or produced and by whom.

Why Carry Fairtrade

Consumer interest into production methods is growing consistently year on year. They want to know how the commodities are grown, where, and by whom —and brands need to keep up in order to be competitive and provide the transparency that consumers are looking for to guide their purchasing decisions.

One way to enhance your transparency as retailer or foodservice establishment is to do so by sourcing Fairtrade Certified products that are audited through a trusted third party certification like Fairtrade.

Any number of companies can carry Fairtrade certified products - a few examples are a cafe selling Fairtrade certified coffee, a business sourcing Fairtrade certified cotton uniforms, an office building providing Fairtrade certified sugar for hot beverages or a local grocery store selling Fairtrade certified bananas.

Fairtrade America has FREE resources available for companies that source Fairtrade certified products — just fill in this form.

How to Carry Fairtrade

Visit our products page to find information about the wide-range of goods that carry the FAIRTRADE Mark in the US.

Reach out to companies that use Fairtrade directly or contact us for the best way to carry Fairtrade certified products.