Fairtrade Sourcing Programs

More opportunities for businesses to source Fairtrade certified cocoa, cotton and sugar under a new program, increasing the benefits to farmers and workers.

Together, we’ve made significant progress in making trade fairer for farmers and workers around the world. But there’s further to go.

Fairtrade Sourcing Programs are a way for farmers and workers in developing countries to sell increased volumes of cocoa, cotton or sugar they grow on Fairtrade terms, so that they can bring more benefits to their families and communities.

Fairtrade Sourcing Programs also provide businesses with another way to work with Fairtrade - namely, the opportunity to source these commodities to use throughout some or all of their product ranges.

Only 1.2% of cocoa is sold on Fairtrade terms globally, and for cotton and sugar that figure is even less. Farmers want to sell more of their products as Fairtrade while international brands have committed to buying more sustainable cotton, sugar and cocoa. Fairtrade Sourcing Programs are about connecting the two.

Fairtrade America is open to working with  brands to secure new and additional commitments to Fairtrade producers. In the United States, Fairtrade America only offers the unlabeled option of the program, allowing for companies to make a corporate statement publicly once they have reached their volume sourcing targets. Product labeling with the Fairtrade Sourcing Program Mark is not offered in the USA.

Find out how your business can get involved by contacting us at questions@fairtradeamerica.org or 202.391.0525. For more information on the full FSP program, visit  Fairtrade International.