Certify Your Products

Use the FAIRTRADE Mark on your products - get certified as a licensee or supplier!

Fairtrade is good for business

Fairtrade certification is important to us because it shows our consumers that we care about the treatment of every member of the supply chain, as well the industry’s overall effect on our planet.

Prashant Mehta,

More and more consumers and brands are seeking out ethically sourced products. They want to be sure of the legitimacy behind claims and have transparency in sourcing. A trusted third-party certification – like Fairtrade – is an easy way to provide your customers with the assurance they demand.

The FAIRTRADE Mark is the most trusted and recognized ethical label in the world. According to a 2017 Globescan study of US consumers, 81% of them would view a brand they already buy more favorably if it carried the FAIRTRADE Mark. Our rigorous standards and supply chain visibility help you communicate your sustainability story with buyers and consumers.

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    Become a Licensee

    Companies that use the FAIRTRADE Mark make a positive impact on the lives of farmers and workers. Share your commitment with your customers.

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    Become a Fairtrade Supplier

    If you’re importing and selling products in the US, you may need to register as a Fairtrade trader.

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    Standards and Policies

    To be part of the Fairtrade system, all licensees, traders and subcontractors must comply with Fairtrade Standards and policies.