Twitter Chat Prizes

Fairtrade America holds TwitterChats on a regular basis. Join in for great conversation and your chance to win excellent Fairtrade prizes. This May 18th, we're partnering with BCorps to host a #FairtradeChat on doing business better. 

The #FairtradeChat is free and anyone can join from anywhere! All you have to do is add the hashtag #FairtradeChat to the end of every tweet and follow the conversation through the same hashtag. 

You could win these fabulous prizes during our next chat on Tuesday, May 18th at 2pm ET. Full details here.

Bcorps twitterchat

And be sure to see our full list of Fairtrade products from our fabulous Fairtrade partners.

Read our Guide to Twitter Chats to find out how, why and when to participate. Please read the terms and conditions for our competitions and giveaways.