Where to find Fairtrade Products

The international FAIRTRADE Mark is showing on shelves in your favorite co-ops, grocery stores and other shops all across the US. Every choice you make while wandering the shopping aisle is your chance to make a difference for small-scale farmers and workers around the world.

international FAIRTRADE Certification Marks

Long-standing Fair Traders as well as companies completely new to Fairtrade are among those who have signed up to use the international FAIRTRADE Mark in the US. Look for products from these companies in stores near you. 

For consumers, the new mark is a clear direct link to the international Fairtrade system. Products bearing the mark have met the social, economic, and environmental criteria set by the international Fairtrade system. Purchase of products with the Mark ensures ongoing support for Fairtrade farmers and workers in the field and the development of the internationally-agreed Fairtrade Standards, Minimum Prices and Premiums.

For companies, using the international FAIRTRADE Mark will ensure clear Fairtrade chains of custody from producer to consumer.* Businesses and traders interested in using the international FAIRTRADE Mark should contact Fairtrade Canada at license@fairtrade.ca. Fairtrade Canada, a member of Fairtrade International, is assisting US companies that would like to be part of the international Fairtrade system.

*FTUSA, the former member of Fairtrade International, left the international Fairtrade system last year. As a result FLO-CERT, the Fairtrade certification body, no longer provides services to FTUSA. For more information on this, please visit the website of Fairtrade International.